Cloudland Canyon Falls – Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls

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Hemlock Falls in Cloudland Canyon

If two beautiful waterfalls are the best motivation you have for a killer quad workout, this hike is for you! With over 600 steps descending more than 400 feet, the hike to Cherokee Falls and Hemlock Falls in Cloudland Canyon State Park is definitely a workout.

At a Glance

  • 2 mi round trip
  • Nice View
  • Not for Kids
  • Not for Dogs
Location: Near Rising Fawn in Cloudland Canyon State Park Georgia (maps & directions)
Gear: Our favorite snacks and camera gear
Gallery: Check out the pictures here

Cloudland Canyon Falls - Trip Details

Cloudland Canyon State Park near Trenton in northwest Georgia offers unmatched beauty. It's situated on the western edge of Lookout Mountain and offers plenty of hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding, disc golf, and caving. It's a nice trek from Atlanta, but you can always stay at a walk-in or backcountry campsite or one of the cottages or yurts offered at the park. There is a $5 fee for a park pass.

The popular Waterfalls Trails leaves the East Rim parking area where you can get some great snaps of the canyon before you head down. The trail is well-traveled and maintained, with much of it consisting of wide wooden boardwalks and metal stairs.

Cherokee Falls in Cloudland Canyon State Park, Georgia

Cherokee Falls

About 1/2 a mile in, you'll hang a left to visit Cherokee Falls, a 50+ foot single drop. Continue on another 1/2 mile to Hemlock Falls which drops about 90 feet into the canyon. Flow can be light in dry weather for these falls, so plan accordingly or just focus your eyes and camera on the beautiful canyon instead!

Hemlock Falls in Cloudland Canyon State Park Georgia

Hemlock Falls

Note: this is a tough hike back out of the canyon!  That's why we've marked it as tough for kids.  Plus, the wide metal grate on the (many) steps will be hard for small dogs to navigate and tough on all sized dogs.  So, make sure you're in decent shape or plan to take lots of breaks on the way back out!

More Waterfalls around Cloudland Canyon State Park

Further northeast towards Chattanooga, you'll find the Lula Lake Land Trust with an impressive waterfall called Lula Falls. Check out their maps here. Further north towards Chattanooga, you can catch a glimpse of Glenn Falls and even slip over into Tennessee and catch Ruby Falls inside Lookout Mountain itself!

Cloudland Canyon Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

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    34.835489, -85.482275

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