Trip Guide: Crow Creek Falls

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Crow Creek Falls is a series of drops as Crow Creek flows into Seed Lake.  This is a nice, shaded hike with plenty of solitude to enjoy as you walk and great photo ops!

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Crow Creek Falls – Trip Details

The cascades along Crow Creek start just off of the road as you drive on Crow Creek Road alongside Seed Lake.  As you hike along the trail north of the creek, you’ll see several other falls along the trail.

The trail continues past the last fall that I visited, and it’s very likely that there are even more attractive drops further upstream if you have time to explore further!

More Waterfalls around {{acf:park_name}}

This area of the state is rich in waterfalls. Just a little further east south of Seed Lake is Bad Branch Falls. Check out our Bad Branch Falls trip guide for more information.

Just east on the south side of Lake Rabun is the well-known and very beautiful Minnehaha Falls.

Plus, Panther and Angel Falls are a really fun hike just north of Lake Rabun, and all of them are within a few miles of here.

Just down the road at Tallulah Falls, you could also spend a day exploring the waterfalls of Tallulah Gorge too!

Crow Creek Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

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