Mud Creek Falls

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Mud Creek Falls

Mud Creek Falls just below the lake at Sky Valley is an impressive 100 foot waterfall at all times of year and really shows its power after a heavy rain.  While not as tall as Estatoah Falls just downstream, the accessibility makes up for it.

At a Glance

  • 0.3 mi round trip
  • Awesome View
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  • Great for Dogs
Location: Near Sky Valley in Chattahoochee National Forest Georgia (maps & directions)
Gear: Our favorite snacks and camera gear
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Mud Creek Falls - Trip Details

Mud Creek Falls is just below the dam on the lake at Sky Valley.   After turning into Sky Valley and heading left down Sky Valley Way, take a right on Tahoe Road and follow it to the falls.

I've also seen these falls called Little Estatoah Falls, though it's close to a mile away.

There's practically no walk to the falls once you come to the end of the road.  And, you can get as close as you dare, unlike Estatoah Falls further downstream which is nearly impossible to view from below.  The water tumbles about 100 feet and continues down the valley to Estatoah Falls, just off of Highway 246.

More Waterfalls around Sky Valley

This area of the state is rich in waterfalls and outdoor adventure.  Martin Creek Falls and Becky's Branch Falls are south of here along the Bartram Trail.  Just downstream is Estatoah Falls off of Highway 246 on the way to see Mud Creek Falls.  Further east of Sky Valley on Hale Ridge Road, you can also visit the impressive Ammons Creek and Holcomb Creek waterfalls.

South of Clayton at Tallulah Falls, be sure to check out Tallulah Gorge and the 5 major waterfalls there.  Further south lies yet another challenging hike to Panther Creek Waterfall.  

West of Clayton about 10 miles west of Clayton and Lake Burton is Upper Moccasin Creek Falls and Hemlock Falls.

South and west of Lakemont, you can visit the waterfalls around Lake Rabun, Minnehaha Falls, Angel Falls, and Panther Falls.

Mud Creek Falls Map, Directions, and Resources

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